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We get to the heart of your most challenging issues and best opportunities.
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We call our approach Integrative Sustainability.

What’s that, you ask?
Think symbiotic. Fluid yet strategic. Dynamic but pragmatic. Built upon success.

Sustainability, by its very nature, is influenced by all of the contributing parts of an organization. Often, those inter-connections (and impacts) are not immediately apparent. Our approach recognizes the potential risks of isolation and the inherent rewards of integration when applied to sustainability principles and practices.

That’s why, when a client approaches us with a request to design and develop a sustainability solution for a discreet component of their operations, we always conduct an initial Discovery Phase. And it’s here where the magic begins. Success stories of environmental stewardship, sustainable innovation, employee engagement and triple bottom line impacts invariably surface and serve as key leverage points. Stakeholder relationships and supply chain input further reveals potential risks and opportunities. We build upon this critical data capture and work with you to construct a framework that places sustainability at the core of your strategy.

We understand that even under advantageous conditions, change is no simple feat and sustainability, well, can be downright daunting. What are key priorities? Where is best to begin? How do you stay on track? Successfully integrating sustainability principles and practices takes time, planning, resources and plenty of commitment. We work with you to establish a strong business case, amass buy-in and develop an implementation plan designed for efficiency and impact.

While we’re at it, we identify the low hanging fruit while getting to the heart of your most challenging issues and best opportunities. We see ourselves as guardians of your Return on Sustainability Investment. That’s why we’re also champions of Sustainability Reporting, an invaluable tool that not only provides qualitative and quantitative results, it simultaneously serves as your benchmark and springboard for moving down the sustainability path.

The overall outcome is one of continuous sustainability improvement – with benefits realized each step along the way.

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