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Associations are uniquely positioned to leverage sustainability for the benefit of their organization, membership and the communities they serve — all while generating positive ripple effects across entire industries.

We have experience with and understand the nuances of fostering collaboration and creating a common vision of sustainability within the Association environment. It is a discerning process that requires a keen ability for fostering communication and alignment amongst diverse interests, and sometimes even between competitors.

We’ve taken the lead in developing and delivering comprehensive sustainability strategies and sustainability reports for industry associations. We’ve also provided leadership roles in the development of regional, national and international associations such as Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, (BALLE), American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and Businesses for Social Responsibility (BSR).

Leveraging our experience from the inside and out, our work with Associations yields a powerful multiplier when it comes to measuring environmental, economic and social performance results.

Read our case study and see how our reporting and consulting services can expand your Association's impact and opportunities, while reducing it's footprint.
Burns & Hammond   Burns & Hammond