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These selected Case Studies offer insight into our approach – discovery, development and delivery – and a sampling of the scope of strategic consulting and reporting services.
Burns & Hammond   Burns & Hammond
Local Search Association

Learn how we designed, developed and implemented a comprehensive sustainability program for an Association and its members representing a $23B industry.

The process created internal alignment and deeper levels of collaboration within the organization, while building external support through strategic partnerships and communication platforms.

“Burns & Hammond were incredibly adept at learning the nuances of our industry and walking us through the process of our inaugural GRI report. During our 3-year engagement, they helped us to leverage two annual sustainability reports into a robust sustainability program – and provided us with the tools and methodologies to eventually bring the program in-house.”

Amy Healy, V.P. Sustainability & Public Policy
Local Search Association

Bringing Water

Read about how we designed and conducted an international strategic sustainability assessment and feasibility study for the philanthropic distribution of Icelandic water to Haiti.

The process carefully considered real-time and implicit environmental, social and economic impacts for Haitians following the 2010 earthquake.

“In our working relationship with Burns & Hammond, we have found them to be consistently well informed and highly respected in the sustainability arena. Their reports to us have been on time and provided us with the necessary information and expert recommendations to make our most important business decisions with confidence. I highly recommend them."

Uli Kortsch, Global Partner Investments


Discover how we developed a comprehensive communications strategy and outreach plan to identify and educate key decision makers regarding Yellowbook’s source reduction initiative.

The program incorporated the company’s broader CSR practices, leveraging their environmental commitment and leadership.

“As a global business with a new sustainability charter, Yellowbook needed a consulting firm with talent and expertise to deliver on many levels. Burns & Hammond got to know our company culture and delivered an integrative and strategic sustainability communications plan that leveraged our strengths and generated new opportunities. And (personally) we really enjoy working with them!”

Matt Krug, Environmental Relations Manager, Yellowbook
Burns & Hammond   Burns & Hammond