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Strategic and Comprehensive

We stop, look and listen, and then help you to integrate sustainable strategies that lead to positive environmental, economic and social performance.
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Developing sustainability initiatives in a vacuum is never a good idea. Nor is ignoring the proverbial elephant – or in some cases the parade of them – that will invariably show up. You know, those difficult-to-manage risks and impacts companies know they should measure and improve but can’t or won’t until they are so compelled. Instead of veiled attempts at sequestering those challenges, we invite them to the dance, and in turn create strategic opportunities for you to improve performance.

We’re trend spotters, researchers, analysts, strategists, designers, planners, facilitators and communicators. We see the connections between things others haven’t even noticed were there (including elephants) and customize our services to your unique needs, capacities, internal culture and external environment. Whether it’s the call for a sustainability report, a pilot program to test proof-of-concept, or a comprehensive strategic sustainability road map – an integrative approach reflects the unique culture of your organization while fostering and supporting continuous sustainability improvement.

Our 3-step process is simple and direct, while connecting the core of your corporate strategy to sustainability – delivering powerful, positive and profitable outcomes.

dot Discovery identifies key trends, impacts, risks and opportunities.
dot Design develops the strategies to align internal practices with external conditions and issues material to your stakeholders.
dot Delivery integrates those practices, processes and communicates performance through sustainability reporting.
This reinforcing cycle informs subsequent strategies and tactics for achieving – and reporting on – continuous environmental, economic and social performance.

Ready to dance? Contact us and we’ll get the music started. And by the way, we’ll make sure no elephants step on your toes.

We also focus on Sustainability Reporting as a core service — click here to learn more.
Burns & Hammond   Burns & Hammond