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We leverage your strengths into a competitive advantage, and make reporting an integrative business strategy.
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Companies, organizations and communities around the world are integrating sustainability practices into their strategic planning, operations, supply chain, marketing teams, and workplaces. Many are also embracing transparency and Sustainability Reporting as a way to limit risk, identify opportunity and track performance.

Reporting – even at the beginning stages of sustainability development – will help you to make strategic decisions about where to best focus your efforts, capital expenses, and CSR programs. Reporting also improves communication, trust, and reputation with stakeholders – including investors, credit agencies, customers, employees, and business partners. Not to mention emerging research is pointing to a positive relationship between CSR Reporting and company valuation.

Our 5-Step Reporting Process moves from contextual information to high level strategic issues, progresses to management approach and closes with performance results.

dot Context: GRI principles and standard disclosures inform the materiality, completeness, stakeholder inclusiveness, and context of your content. This ensures a complete and credible report, no matter the Application level.
dot Materiality: A systematic assessment of reporting aspects based on significance to stakeholders and your unique strategies and goals – while applying the “completeness principle” – ensures thoroughness..
dot Data Collection: A secure, web-based sustainability reporting tool and project management system is used to identify and distribute data requests, manage and organize data capture, and coordinate content and project flow. Our password-protected project portal enables collaboration to take place at your convenience – no matter which corner of the globe.
dot Content: Drawing on decades of editorial and communications experience, we develop content that is engaging and compelling, yet firmly rooted in credible data.
dot Assurance: We work with a number of experienced External Assurance providers to provide your report with a statement of assurance that will add an “+” to your GRI Application level of A, B or C.

If you’re ready and willing to report – you can leverage this century’s most significant business responsibility and opportunity – wherever you are on the sustainability path.

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