Burns & Hammond   Burns & Hammond
Burns & Hammond   Burns & Hammond
Three decades. Two People. One purpose.
Burns & Hammond   Burns & Hammond
Doug Hammond graduates from the University of Rhode Island with a dual degree in Political Science and Business Management. He heads off to a law apprenticeship with the intention of becoming a Human Rights attorney. Instead, he finds himself as a live-in manager for a pioneering community residence, Juniper House, supporting the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities. And yes, the path takes a turn…
As CEO of a rapidly growing company, Doug forges a set of socially responsible business principles at RR, to reconcile his personal values with his corporate practices.

That same year, Heather is listening to Duran Duran’s hit song, “Planet Earth” on her Walkman and reading, The Preppy Handbook.
Serendipitously, Doug discovers a group of small business owners in New England who share his values and vision and he joins the development team of New England Business for Social Responsibility (NEBSR). He also co-founds the Connecticut River Valley Network of NEBSR.

Heather experiences her own serendipity through a family friendship with ABC corespondent Terry Anderson’s sister, Peggy Say. Heather’s mother recruits her to participate in a campaign to free Terry from captivity in Lebanon. Heather folds hundreds of origami cranes and assists with a peace vigil for all hostages in the Middle East, where she meets the honorable Father Lawrence Jenko.
Doug is invited to join the Social Venture Network (SVN) and serves on the Tools & Best Practices and the Inclusion and Diversity committees.
Doug and fellow SVN member Kevin Lynch, co-author The SVN New Corporate Vision manual, an implementation tool for CSR Standards.

Heather trains in Thailand to become a PADI Dive Master where she logs 300+ dives and works with local communities to educate Thai fishermen about sustainable fishing practices. She spends time in Cambodia, Malaysia and Taiwan. She continues to hone her writing skills and contributes to Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Taiwan.
Doug is recognized nationally for his socially responsible business practices and community systems engineering and is recruited by Synectics World to consult Turner Broadcasting systems on effective community building technology platforms.

He is increasingly called upon to provide guest lectures, keynotes and consultations to business, organizations and communities. He serves on and leads numerous business and community Boards.
Having employed over 10,000 individuals over 30 years, Relief Resources completes its life cycle. Doug becomes Executive Director at BALLE, where he represents the organization nationally and internationally, including a keynote at the inaugural European Living Economies conference in Lodève, France.

Heather serves as Editorial Director for AllGreen Magazine, which folds as a result of the economic meltdown. She continues to expand her network of companies turning to her for guidance and implementation strategies to achieve their CSR goals. She develops critical relationships with the regional business community as they begin to explore their own sustainability pathways. She is invited to speak at a U.S. Naval Base and for PEW Center for Climate Change at an Alcoa manufacturing plant, and is featured on CPTV.

Then, one very fortuitous last-minute business meeting over coffee crosses their two respective paths and sets the stage for future events to unfold.
Doug develops an Integrative Economic Design platform to build a bridge between leading-edge, early adopters of CSR and an emerging corporate role. Under the banner of ALIVE Communities, he provides consulting services for companies, communities and as it turns out – a country.

That country is Haiti and following the earthquake, Doug and Heather unite their respective skills and are contracted by Halloran Philanthropies to develop a collaborative platform of organizations – known as Haiti Onward. The project, a Buckminster Fuller Challenge 2011 semi-finalist, works to bring about sustainable reconstruction efforts in that country. A partnership is developed with the Haitian Fund for Innovation at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and Kevin Jones, founder of Social Capital Markets, says, “Think of it as Clinton Global Initiative meets It Takes a Village.”
Having fully discovered their complementary skill sets and shared vision, Burns & Hammond is formally launched.
Burns & Hammond   Burns & Hammond